“I attended the seminar on ‘Leadership and Followership’ and I was astounded by the change of thinking that it caused for me. Now I can embrace the whole notion of this concept as something valuable for my future success.” — Mike Jones (Sales Manager)


“As one of those who hopes to eventually become a leader, your words helped me realize that my behavior as a follower is a reflection of the leader I will one day be and the followers I will one day have.”  — A. Noriega (USA GS Employee)


“The message that he conveyed, ‘that we are all on one team, and to survive we must communicate, work together, and respect one another’ rings loud and clear.”  — Col A. Hunt (Commander)


“Dr. Jef’s presentation was encouraging and motivating. It showed me that good leaders grew from being good followers. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a presenter and his message!”
— A. Dillard-Bullock (PMP)


“Dr. Jef intrigued me by showcasing how leaders must also become followers and how we should solicit innovative inputs from ‘coworkers’ in order to remain proficient and trustworthy in our field of expertise.” — CMSgt J. Mercado (Senior Paralegal Manager)


“Dr. Jef, your presentation was inspiring. You bring a unique blend of information, humor and energy that allows the participants to enjoy and grow at the same time. You have a gifted way of connecting with your audience.” — Liz Hope (NBMBAA Director, Membership)


“His presentation was the highest rated event of the day. Participants appreciated his humor, insights, the way he tailored information to the audience, and his approachability. If you are looking for an excellent, entertaining, and inspiring speaker for an event, I would highly recommend Dr. Jef Williams.” — J. Clark (MPH)


“This is what I have to say about the workshop today... ‘just left an inspiring workshop on Dynamic Workplace Followership — very informative and productive for team building. Anyone out there that heads up a team and is looking for innovative ways to move to the next level visit www.jcwteamconsultants.com.” — A. Houston (Middle School Teacher)


“From your smooth delivery to your tailoring your message to our specific leadership needs and challenges, your talk reinforced the leadership theme underlying our entire conference. Since your presentation, a number of attendees have told me they intend to incorporate your ideas and approaches into their leadership practices. I can think of no better evidence of the impact you had on our AMC JAG Corps leaders.” —  Brig Gen. S. Lepper 


“From beginning to end, our young people were engaged, never bored. We had never seen them so involved for such a long period of time. We applaud you for the time and energy you put into preparing a presentation that was suited especially for them.” — E. Thomas (Program Director)

“I've been to many leadership workshops while an employee at Walmart, Kmart and others. But this was the first on leadership and followership and the best I've heard.” — James Smith (Retired)


“My staff is still talking about followership! To hear them share their experiences and lessons learned with the other members are positive indicators they understand this important role!”
— Shawn Buckhanan, Senior Pastor


“Dr. Jef Williams was able to reach beyond so many of the personal and professional barriers that we allow ourselves to put up in today's demanding workplace environment in order to get our leaders to perform a true introspective analysis. We gained a tremendous appreciation for the roles we play, both consciously and unconsciously!” — J. Monday, Director Personnel Training


“I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this. I actually went into it with a focus on followership. I needed to wrap my head around how to best behave as a semi-new civilian (retired O-5) working for O-3s and O-4s. I came to the realization from this seminar that I haven't been a very good follower!!!” — A. Jones


“I very enjoyed the seminar yesterday. It opens up the mind to a different way of looking at developing a solid team. Dr. Jef did a great job!” — P. Johnson


“Enjoyed the session. During our busy days we often forget the role of our subordinate followers. Sessions like these are perfect from a timing standpoint to bring focus back into perspective. IMHO, it should be mandatory for any uniformed personnel crossing over into civilian services, as well as for any uniformed leader of civilian personnel.” — Seminar Attendee


“Very well done. I've recently attended the Leadership Challenge Program and it dovetailed nicely with this but from a slightly different perspective. Dr. Jef Williams was motivational and energizing. I will need to reflect (as Dr. Jef mentioned) to become an extraordinary follower.” — Seminar Attendee


“I really enjoyed the class and will definitely use this information on and off the job. Everyone was totally engaged through the entire seminar. Dr. Williams did a great job!” — Seminar Attendee


“I learned today that I have to decide the type of leadership I want to follow while maintaining my integrity....as you know, as civilians, we see different leaders come and go” — R. Monday, Seminar Attendee


 “From the beginning to the end of Dr. Jef’s session, the audience was engaged, eager to participate and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This is what you want in a motivational speaker. Dr. Jef’s message was something that you could immediately take back with you and start implementing. He literally changed our way of thinking about our roles as leaders/followers and the way we think and treat the people we lead and follow. Thanks for bringing your message to us and we hope that you continue to deliver it to others.” – Nickole Wallace (AAIM Leadership and Development Lead)