About JCW

Who We Are.


Studies have shown that good leadership skills can promote an organization to success. However, their success is limited to the ability of the team members executing their duties. The team member, therefore, becomes a part of the equation that adds value to getting the job done. There are many names that most team members are referred to i.e., (workers, foot soldiers, staff, crew, laborers, associates, partners, etc.).  For the purpose of this discussion we would like to frame the team members as the “Followership.”


We focus on both leadership and followership development, establishing the relationship between the two while building collaborative environments to achieve organizational goals and objectives. We take pride in having the unique abilities to provide these services to the corporate, government, and faith based communities.

What We Do.


We inspire leaders to lead effectively and we inspire those who follow leaders to follow more effectively!


The development of human potential leads to experiences that can improve the quality of life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment. Those who begin to unleash this assumed potential often find themselves directing their actions within the organization towards assisting others to release their potential. The end results are exceptional, cohesive, and dynamic teams working together to produce the energy, power and connection that the organization needs.


Our training can be viewed from these connecting principals:  Exceptional Leadership; Exemplary Followership; Managing Self; Effective Communications Skills; Understanding the Mission; and How to Achieve Success. These factors provide the foundation for shaping our teams and providing the stepping stones for producing leaders and dynamic team members.



When addressing problems regarding teamwork, JCW believes it is important to take a balanced approach which means strengthening leadership as well as those who support the leader (followership). For years, organizations have spent millions of dollars on leadership development which unfortunately leaves the impression that if you are not a leader you are not worth the investment.  The truth of the matter is in order for great leadership to exist great followership must be in place. Success then becomes a team effort! 


“Leadership is all about followership. You are not really a leader if people are not willing to follow you." Colin Powell, Former U.S. Secretary of State.”


Leadership-Followership 360 raises individual awareness on the importance of leadership and followership roles and what individuals must do to help facilitate cohesiveness, synergy, and teamwork.  Imagine what happens when everyone tries to lead and no one wants to follow…total chaos!

Why Us?


Great return on investment (ROI)!


Contrary to the negative stereotype of followers, JCW’s fresh perspective on the unique role of followership in the leader-follower partnership is CHANGED ATTITUDES and motivated members to perform as exceptional leaders and team members.


Read what team members have said about Leadership-Followership 360:


ROI #1: Enhanced Leadership Competency


“Since your presentation, a number of attendees have told me they intend to incorporate your ideas and approaches into their leadership practices.
I can think of no better evidence of the impact you had on our AMC JAG Corps leaders.”—Brig Gen S. Lepper


Leadership and supervision play a vital role in employee decision which implies leaders/supervisors must understand their impact upon those who follow them. Leadership-Followership 360 allows participants to understand both perspectives in this dynamic relationship.


ROI #2 Employee Engagement=Doing more with less.


 “As one of those who hopes to eventually become a leader, your words helped me realize that my behavior as a follower is a reflection of the leader I will one day be and the followers I will one day have.”—A. Noriega


“I am so thankful for the opportunity to attend this. I actually went into it with a focus on followership. I needed to wrap my head around how to best behave as a semi-new civilian (retired O-5) working for O-3s and O-4s. I came to the realization from this seminar that I haven't been a very good follower!!!”—J. Jones


 JCW Consultants LLC. recognize that those in non-leadership positions want to be engaged. Leadership-Followership 360 provides leaders with tools to assess their followership and how to best engage them in the organization’s processes.


ROI #3: Heightened morale and respect among team members=reduced turnover costs


“Jef’s message was something that you could immediately take back with you and start implementing. He literally changed our way of thinking about our roles as leaders/followers and the way we think and treat the people we lead and follow. Thanks for bringing your message to us and we hope that you continue to deliver it to others.”—N. Wallace AAIM Leadership and Development Lead


Studies have shown that high employee turnover has a tremendous financial impact upon recruiting, selection, and training costs. The behavior and attitude of the remaining employees are also impacted. However, employee engagement leads to higher morale which influences an individual’s willingness to go above and beyond what is asked especially when organizations are downsizing and forced to do more with less.